China Audio and Numbers Association Game Working Committee and 213 units including Elex launched the "Online Game Industry Anti-Addiction Self-discipline Convention"


In order to conscientiously implement the relevant spirit of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee " Notice on Carrying out Comprehensive Governance in the Field of Culture and Entertainment" and General Administration of Press and publication of the PRC Notice on Further Strict Management and Effectively Preventing Minors from Addicting to Online Games", and resolutely prevent minors from becoming addicted to Online games, strengthen industry self-discipline and self-examination, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the game industry. The Game Publishing Working Committee of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, its member units and relevant game companies, under the guidance of the national competent authorities, jointly initiated the "Online Game Industry Anti-Addiction and Self-discipline Convention" to join hands to create a clean and positive online game industry ecology. The Game Publishing Working Committee of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, elex will strictly implement the relevant requirements of the Convention and conduct production and business activities reasonably and legally:

1. Resolutely implement management requirements and establish work norms. Game companies should improve their political stance, strengthen their responsibility, and fully understand the importance and urgency of strengthening game anti-addiction work; they must earnestly formulate specific action plans and implementation rules, and make every effort to do a good job in various anti-addiction work; they must establish and implement "top leaders" Responsibility system, grasp to the end, and always make unremitting efforts; adhere to the correct orientation, and organize targeted education and training for planning, R & D, operation and other personnel.

2. Resolutely implement identity verification and accurately identify users. Game enterprises (including mini game platforms) must fully access the online game anti-addiction real-name verification system of General Administration of Press and publication of the PRC; all kinds of local game and console games must be equipped with anti-addiction settings and parental monitoring systems synchronously, and must be strictly implemented in downloading, purchasing and other links Identity verification; resolutely implement the time limit and recharge consumption quota for providing online games to minors; game products containing minor users should clearly give the "game age-appropriate prompt" logo on the game-related interface; actively explore the use of facial recognition and other means to strengthen the accuracy of user identification.

3. Resolutely build a strong security line and resist bad content. Strictly abide by the bottom line of content safety, and resolutely prohibit illegal content such as politically harmful, nothingness, pornography, and gore; resolutely resist bad tendencies, determined to change all kinds of rules and gameplay designs that induce players to indulge; must not publish content such as wrong guidance and induced consumption; resolutely resist bypassing the regulatory mechanism and providing services to domestic users through overseas game platforms.

4. Resolutely consolidate platform management and clarify specific requirements. Game companies must establish and improve the management mechanism of the Game Marketing System. Among them, game ad platforms must not push illegal and illegal game content, and must not forcibly push game advertisements to users; game LIVE platforms must not set up high-value rewards and rewards for minors; Provide account rental transaction services to minors in any form; game sparring platforms must centrally clean up illegal and illegal information and accounts, and must not provide minors with services such as accompanying play and power training.

5. Resolutely abide by the market order and eliminate violations. Game companies must resolutely abide by and maintain market order; operate game products in accordance with laws and regulations, and strictly prohibit violations such as operating without a version number; do not change operating units without approval; establish review standards for moral conduct, and do not invite illegal and immoral artists to endorse advertisements; Resolutely resist the use of big data to gain illegal or unequal profits, capture and call private information and other means to induce users to indulge in games; strengthen copyright protection, and resolutely resist plagiarism and other bad behaviors.

6. Resolutely cooperate with the reporting platform to carry out self-examination and self-correction. Game companies should actively cooperate with the state to prevent minors from indulging in online game reporting platforms, and comprehensively carry out self-examination and self-correction as required; they should establish and improve the verification and response mechanism and rectification process for reporting problems, and respond to the voices of the masses in a timely manner.

Elex will strictly abide by the provisions of this Convention in the research and development, production, distribution, operation, promotion, publicity and other business activities of game products, and use practical actions to reflect Elex's social responsibility and social responsibility.

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