Elex was established in 2008, focusing on mobile game developers and operators in the global market. The company won the 2021-2022 National Cultural Export Key Enterprise Certificate and has been selected as a National Cultural Export Key Enterprise for 7 consecutive years.

In 2018, Elex completed the listing on the New Third Board, further improving the corporate governance of the company. The main business is a self-developed game business, supplemented by investment business and agency game business, and has initially achieved a diversified business development structure.

Since its establishment, the company has successively launched a number of representative products, including "Happy Farm", "Clash Of Kings", "The Walking Dead: Survivors", "Love Nikki—Dress UP Queen", "Magic Rush", "Mr. Love: Queen's Choice", etc. Among them, "Clash Of Kings" has a total of 100 million users so far, and has ranked in the top five in-game revenue in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

Elex is headquartered in Beijing, China, and has branches in Shanghai,China; Tianjin,China; Hainan,China; Taiwan,China; the United States, Japan, and the Philippines, where global elites gather.

In the future, Elex will adhere to the mission of "Elex is dedicated to designing games that inspire the world and connect people.", adhere to the production concept of "Building Great Games", and devote itself to gaming's unparalleled immersion talent and interactive features so that more people experience it. Own your own cultural experience, allowing players around the world to enjoy the boundless common love. Share Chinese stories while serving the global entertainment life, actively explore and develop the positive value of game products, make more achievements in cultural communication, technological innovation, social benefits, public welfare responsibilities, etc., and strive to become a well-respected Chinese game company.

2021 The self-developed "The Walking Dead: Survivors" mobile game released globally.

2014 "Clash of Kings" launched on many platforms one after another, ranking TOP5 on the Android Strategy list in 23 countries.

2008 Elex started its journey on the olympic year of 2008!